Snapchat paid filters gone this is not the day we start heeding warnings to beware amateur sociologyThe nearuniversal existence of religion across cultures is surprising. Many people have speculated on what makes tribes around the world so fixated on believing in gods and propitiating them and so on. More recently people like Dawkins and Dennett have added their own contributions about parasitic memes and hyperactive agentdetection. But I think a lot of these explanations are too focused on a modern idea of religion. I find ancient religion much more enlightening. Im no historian but from the little I know ancient religion seems to bleed seamlessly into every other aspect of the ancient way of life. For example the Roman religion was a combination of mythology largerthanlife history patriotism holidays customs superstitions rules about the government beliefs about virtue and attempts to read the future off the livers of pigs. And aside from the pig livers this seems entirely typical.American culture American civil religion has a lot of these features too. It has mythology and largerthanlife history George Washington chopping down the cherry tree the wise and glorious Founding Fathers Honest Abe singlehandedly freeing the slaves with his trusty hat

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