Fuking naughty chat online Tinder and Grindr are more dangerous than ever according to UK reportsharesFor the most part dating apps are fun and perfectly safe and lead to great dates happy relationships and marriage but a new report has shown that the number of crimes linked to Tinder and Grindr has increased sevenfold in the UK in the past two years.The figures show that in 2013 there were just 55 reported crimes citing Tinder or Grindr in England and Wales. This increased to 204 in 2014 and 412 by October 2015.The most common crimes reported were of violence and sex offences including rape grooming and sexual exploitation of children.Its a significant rise and only accounts for crimes that have been reported. The number of unreported incidents could make that number much higher.Blind dates are nothing newGoing on dates with strangers is nothing new though think back to singles ads in newspapers which still exist.The only difference is now we have dating opportunities in abundance thanks to apps like Tinder Grindr Bumble HowAboutWe Happn and more.These apps and websites are designed to make dating and meeting new people easier by letting you get to know the person first.This also allows you to make a somewhat informed judgement about whether this is a genuine person looking for love or friendship a potential scam or something more worryin

Mobile adult cam broadcast Share this article Sign Up To Our Daily Newsletter Sign upVICTIMS of a serial rapist have told of their shattered lives as a jury convicted their attacker of a string of crimes.Sam Ashley 30 stood with his mouth agape as the jury foreman returned 10 guilty verdicts for four rapes two attempted rapes and four charges of administering a substance with intent.CONVICTED Sam AshleyJurors remained in court and looked on with shock as prosecutor Robert Bryan revealed Ashley was convicted in 2013 of two charges of indecent assault against a boy under the age of 14.Ashley had told one victim he had been charged with raping an 11yearold boy who he said was destructive.Members of Ashleys family wept in the public gallery as the jury returned verdicts in the 14day trial after deliberating for around two hours.Insurance worker Ashley drugged and raped men he met on gay hookup app Grindr over eight months in 2016.I feel Ive lost my way in life and I dont know what lies in future for meOne of Sam Ashleys victimsJurors heard he lied to one man telling him he was suffering from terminal colon cancer but admitted in court he had lied about the cancer.During crossexamination Mr Bryan asked Ashley why he said he had months to live. Mr Bryan said Do you agree that is despicable Ashley 30 who denied the charges said I admit it was wrong to lie but it does not mean Im guilty.Now he is facing jail when he returns to court. Rape carries a maximum life ter

Uk adult channel webgirlsoncam.blogspot.comGrindr rapist who attacked two men is notorious figure in gangster underworldPervert Omar Mohammed Khan who kept his sexuality a secret was jailed for seven years for raping two people he met on gay hook up app GrindrShareUpdatedShareinboxThank you for subscribingCould not subscribe try again laterInvalid EmailA pervert who raped two men he met on Grindr just for a bit of fun is a notorious figure in Scotlands Asian gangster underworld its emerged.Omar Mohammed Khan who kept his sexuality a secret was jailed this week for the two appalling rapes the Daily Record reports.It has now emerged he was caught up in a gang vendetta involving the family of Imran Shahid who killed innocent teenager Kriss Donald in March 2004.Shahid was part of a gang who killed Kriss Donald 15 by setting him alight with petrol and leaving him to die in a back lane in a racially motivated murder.He was caught up in a gang vendetta Image WSRead MoreIn 2009 the High Court in Glasgow heard how Khan and a friend were pursued in a car by two armed brothers of Shahid and fellow murderer Faisal Mushtaq who

No login direct sex chat Death by Grindr Is It the New Killer AppMay 14 2014 at 850 AM ETDino Dizdarevis body was found on May 1 in an overgrownalley in Chester Pennsylvania. The 25yearold chemical engineerleft his loft in Philadelphia 18 miles away the night before to allegedly meet a manhe found on the hookup app Grindr. Police say Dizdaravi who was agay man in an open relationship wassubsequently strangled and beaten so viciously that he was unrecognizable.Dino DizdareviFacebookDino DizdareviThe killing has rattled gay men and left law enforcement agencies on edge. Dizdarevis death was only the latest in a series of violent crimes facilitated through the social network in the last six weeks. The hookup app has been at the center of several horrific beatings robberies and rapes across the country causing many users to think twice about who might really be on the other end of the line. During a latenight romp in March a Seattle man allegedly went berserk and beat down a Grindr date he took home to his apartment. Naked and brandishing a hammer Curtis Rosenblat clobbered his unclothed companion repeatedly and even bit the man while attempting to rob himpolice say. The victim required eyelid surgery and several staples in his skull according to court records. Police finally arrested the 23yearold suspect last week.Tourist describes being raped and robbed in PhiladelphiaMeanwhile Daniel Simmons a former deputy attorney general in Delaware wascharged last weekwith fourthdegree rape after he

SEX in Dunhua Dating hookup sites pose risks as well as rewards for users The number of alleged crimes potentially involving peoples use of dating apps Tinder and Grindr increased more than sevenfold in two years including reports of rape grooming and attempted murder. Experts said the findings were shocking and urged the authorities to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of meeting strangers on socalled hookup sites. They said users were vulnerable to sextortion and warned the figures may be just the tip of the iceberg as many victims will be too scared or embarrassed to contact police. Just 55 reports of crimes in England and Wales mentioned Grindr or Tinder in 2013 according to figures released to the Press Association under the Freedom of Information Act. This jumped to 204 in 2014 and 412 in the year to October 2015 according to the 30 police forces who gave figures. There were 277 crime reports in which Tinder was mentioned in 2015 up from 21 in 2013. And 135 alleged crimes in which Grindr was mentioned were recorded in 2015 up from 34 reported in 2013. Tinder is used predominately by heterosexual daters while Grindr is a gay dating app. Reports of violent and sexual crimes were the most common with 253 allegations of violence against the person and 152 reports of sex offences including grooming rapes and the sexual exploitation of children. The figures come from police reports where

Free sex confession chat line |realsexycams.netShareAnd of course if you met with reluctance you had a wheeze a final one you told them you were dying of cancer.This was calculated behaviour it was deliberate and awful.During the trial the court heard from Ashleys victims.The university student said Ashley poured him a glass of strawberry and lime Kopparberg as he watched football on TV at Ashleys then home in Portsmouth.In a video played to jurors the student said I had a couple of sips it wasnt even a quarter of the glass.I sort of felt a bit shaky and wobbly then not starting to spin but like I was on a boat in the middle of the sea.We kissed and it went blank. The next thing I remember he was behind me and we were having sex.He was quite forceful and I remember I sort of gripped the pillow and I was more concentrating on trying to figure out where I was and just stop the room spinning.Sam Ashley has been jailed for 23 years for drugging and raping men he met on the dating app GrindrI just wanted the room to stop spinning so I could figure out what was going on.Things went black again and he was pushing my head down on to his penis.He described Ashley as desperate for reassurance and said during the abuse Ashley asked him I love you do you

Fuck girls no registration Oregon Deputy Charged With Using Grindr To Sexually Abuse Child In IdahoNewsAn Oregon sheriffs deputy was charged on March 4 with repeatedly crossing state lines in order to have sex with a minor reports KBOI. The Oregon deputy a 45yearold sergeant employed by the Washington County Sheriffs Office traveled to Idaho at least twice for the purposes of having sex with a 15yearold boy.The deputy Michael Alexander of Lake Oswego Oregon has been charged with one count of child enticement using the internet and two counts of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child under the age of 16. According to reports the charges stemmed from a report to the Meridian Idaho police that came from the childs mother. She apparently found inappropriate text messages on the childs phone and contacted the authorities. The resulting investigation led police to the Oregon deputy being charged with multiple child sex abuserelated crimes.According to the Meridian Police press release the Oregon deputy used the popular app Grindr to initially contact the child ultimately visiting the child at least twice in 2015 once in June and again in September.The Washington County Sheriffs department also issued a press release detailing the Oregon Deputy being charged with child sex crimes. According to the document the Washington County Oregon Sheriffs Office received information from the Meridian Police department on February 26 regarding se