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Anal sex chat rooms Share tips securely anonymouslyIf you know something that deserves to be investigated and exposed in the public interest BuzzFeed News can help.From left to right Ben Smith EditorinChief Janine Gibson EditorinChief UK Shani O. Hilton Head of News US and Mark Schoofs Investigations Projects Editor. Jon Premosch for BuzzFeed NewsTell us what you knowHave you come across evidence of corruption crime or wrongdoing Do you believe members of the public are being harmed exploited or misled Investigative journalism relies on people who have the courage to blow the whistle when they come across evidence of serious wrongdoing. A great tip will provide specific evidence of wrongdoing not just a hunch speculation or personal grievance. Often documentation is what sets a tip apart from a hunch Do you have memos or videos or records that show some powerful person company or government agency abusing their powers such as fleecing people of money or causing bodily or emotional harmProtecting your identityWe can investigate most effectively if we know who you are and have a chance to discuss your information with you even if you prefer to talk in confidence. We know that sources often risk serious reprisals so we frequently agree to keep sources confidential. If we agree to keep you a