How to make chenille bumble bees ShareThe next step for us will be to upgrade our technology and artificial control measures to combat undesirable content continuing to enhance our ability to find and dispose of bad information guide and encourage users to report such content and intensify efforts to manage it.Baidu said it felt deep regret over the content and will actively cooperate with government departments to rectify the issue and increase the intensity of auditing.Chinas internet is already considered one of the most tightlycontrolled in the world with a censorship system known as the Great Firewall.The companies involved acknowledged the investigation in statements released today. WeChat logo pictured has about 940 million monthly active users.But restrictive measures have multiplied in recent months as celebrity gossip blogs and online video streaming sites alike have fallen victim to the new web regulations.Last month the Cyberspace Administration directed the countrys biggest technology firms including Baidu Tencent and Sohu to shut down accounts on their networks that publish bad information.The content was deemed to misinterpret policy directives and distort Chinese Communist Party history.Weibo pictured boasts around 350 million monthly active users. The Red Guard generation is in power now one commenter on the site said of the investigationalluding to a 1960s youth paramilitary movement that tormented and attacked perceived enem

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Video chat gr az tis 144 sharesAlthough human anchors cant be completely replaced by Xiaoice in the near term Xiaoice and human anchors will supplement each other as Xiaoices capabilities in deep learning Internet big data analysis instant largescale online and offline concurrent interactions are unexceptional.Our hope is that similar artificial intelligence technology will be applied to more SMG programmes and get well accepted by the public.In July Xiaoice was launched in Japan and reached 1 percent of the total population in just one week.Now researchers are saying this software will soon be making its way to the United States and other regions.After her TV debut on December 22 people have begun to worry that their job may soon be lost to robots.The days of weather presenters stock image could be numbered. Researchers from London and Edinburgh have developed a computer that can collate meterological information and then produce forecasts as if they were written by a human. It uses a process known as natural language generation NLGAccor

Milly rocking bumble bee After much deliberation we have made the difficult decision to permanently close the FlightGlobal blogs.We are very proud of what we achieved with the blogs from the excellent contributions of our talented FlightGlobal team to the great commentary and engagement of our loyal FlightGlobal audience.Things move on however and as more of our great content is delivered through channels and our online subscription service FlightGlobal Dashboard we havent been able to concentrate on these blogs as much as we would like.Some of the blogs will exist as an archive for a period of time but for latest updates in aviation please visit Alternatively you can still reach FlightGlobal on Twitter Facebook Linkedin and Google.

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